Lelo's F1s Developer's Kit Red changes the game with SenSonic Technology

Prepare to be amazed with a new type of orgasm from deep within with Lelo's F1

2021-03-03 1 min read

The F1 is like no other sexual product for men. Instead of focusing on the nerve endings on the surface of the penis like most traditional products and sexual acts, the F1 also uses SenSonic technology which emits sonic waves to stimulate the nerves from within. This creates a different type of amazing stimulation that will blow your mind and your load time and time again. The F1 is controlled via Bluetooth through an app or by controls on the device. They also offer a demo app that you can test out to get a good idea of what you can expect before making a purchase. As for quality, this product is superb, using a premium textured aluminum body and silicone interior. There is no stroking required with this product. This means your brain can 100% focus on receiving pleasure, no distractions from the nerve endings in your hands, the feeling of your arm moving, it's like someone else doing everything for you.

Lelo only makes the best toys and has an amazing reputation. They have a smaller selection then most but it's due to their high standards of only making the tools that produce mind-blowing orgasms over and over again. Lelo is luxury in the sex toy industry.

Couple this product with VR glasses for an even better experience.

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